Why Can't Flat Footed Join The Army

Why can't flat footed join the army – Web history of flat feet in military. Web and having flat feet has the potential to fulfill all these aforementioned problems. Web you can’t have eczema or acne. Before proceeding, you should be sure. This is because the bodyweight is borne poorly by the flat foot and therefore transfer the. Web at least in the us and canadian armies, the answer depends upon the definition of flat feet. If foot arch is not fully developed it will not act as. Web can you join military if you are flat footed? The condition occurs when the. Web symptomatic flat feet can also lead to secondary conditions like knee or spine problems, which is why recruits with this condition cannot join the military.

Max age to join military. Depending on how severely you have flat feet, you may or may not be able to join the military. Flat feet, also commonly referred to as flatfooted, is a condition where one or both of. Most feet that could be labeled flat are not an impediment but a small proportion. Web why are people with flat feet not allowed to join the army? The quick answer is yes: Back in the early days, people had this myth that one cannot join the military with flat feet. Flat feet military what are flat feet. Web the military regulations in the us specifically indicate that a person with flat feet does not meet the standards of physical requirements to serve in the military in two. Web if you’re interested in serving your country but aren’t sure if you meet the requirements, this article can help.

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Web flat feet or a pronated foot type, is when the arch is lower to the ground or in some cases completely flat and touching the ground which reduces the bodies ability. I have mildy flat feet and the medical officer still gave me a class 1 at my assessment day for rifleman. Web army personnel have to go through a rigorous physical regimen. If you have a flat. The myth used to be true until the end of. Flat feet, also commonly referred to as flatfooted, is a condition where one or both of. The condition occurs when the. A person with flat feet will not be able to cope with such activities. But, there are some jobs which are not recommended for the people having flat feet. Max age to join military.