Lego Fighter Jet

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Lego Fighter Jet

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And we fail to get over how awesome the Brickmania Phantom is, from its all-white underside with detailed loading to its camo pattern and curved hull. If you’re looking to build something beautifully different that you’ll never see from LEGO itself, we can’t recommend this custom kit highly enough.

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Equipment-obsessed editors handpick each product we review. We may earn a commission if you purchase through the link. Overall, the kit feels like you’re building another LEGO fan’s design rather than an official LEGO kit. The finished design takes priority over complete stability and strength – for example, LEGO would never attach hinges to the stand without adding extra slab layers over them to ensure they never pop out.

The Minifigs

Likewise, the two-pin hitch with angled, movable side panels means you have to be careful where you lift the plane out of its fuselage (although the panel is easy to replace if you accidentally pop it). The Phantom II has been used by the US Navy and US Marine Corps as a carrier-based aircraft in addition to its Air Force service, and the standardized jet has a carrier landing hook, although this particular version is the USAF version.

A small run of custom LEGO sets, of course, doesn’t have the same kind of mass production as official LEGO sets. Most of Brickmania’s kits come in folded cardboard boxes with custom kit details printed on the front and back, and unnumbered bags of parts.

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If you see this floating through your window, chances are you are in big trouble. It has a capacity of eight soldiers, so you know things are going to get messy. Luckily for the rest of us, we can enjoy this LEGO replica built by Stefan Johannson from the relative comfort of our homes.

The Packaging, Instructions, And Sticker Sheet

Even as a LEGO model, this thing oozes menace! I particularly like the camber of the rotor blades. Originally introduced by the Soviet Air Force in 1972, this timeless warship is currently used by fifty-eight countries and has served in dozens of engagements, including the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Landing gear is important if you don’t want to display your Phantom on a stand (although there are Technic slots for aircraft stands which Brickmania sells separately), as all weapons hang down, often only attached by a peg or two. The landing gear is attached via snap hinges, so getting it up and down can sometimes be a challenge.

Using curved parts, gussets and various supports that didn’t exist when I made the originals, I further improved their shape. Some things have remained the same though. I’ve had a few models go without nails lately, but it’s no secret that I love the nails on my models.

To match my older models, these two still have them. And while the old versions might be old, they had features I liked, like the cockpit canopy design on the F-16 and much of the main landing gear design on the Hornet, so I copied them.

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The Finished Model

Although I gained some weight as I reached middle age, my models are now leaner and much sleeker. And with these changes, they better last another decade. LEGO builder Greyson proves you don’t need a ton of bricks to make something neat. Here is a wonderful RAF Typhoon built from what appears to be just over twenty parts.

We salute you, Grayson! This is a tutorial on how to build my own awesome (in my opinion) fighter jet. Please ignore the random colors in my fighter plane due to me not having all the colors. Measure website performance and ensure correct visitor behavior, including retention of user settings and preferences.

We’ve featured Brickmania’s custom LEGO kits many times over the years, but Dan Siskind’s small business has grown significantly since we last reviewed one of the company’s kits. Notably, Dan himself is no longer the sole or even the lead designer – leading LEGO builders such as Cody Osell now contribute many custom designs to the company’s products.

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While Dan is best known for tanks, Cody designed most of Brickmania’s aircraft models, including the F-4C Phantom II which we’ll be reviewing today. Simplicity is often bold and surprising, but in this LEGO aviation scene by Nikita Sukhodolov, it also creates a dreamlike atmosphere.

The Minifigs

The small plane and clouds are relatively simple in design, but the choice of being all-white and the contrast against the bright blue background make for a strong composition. I love how the monochrome designs take you out of the ordinary and into that big blue sky.

This is a prime example of when less can definitely be more. While all of the aircraft’s exterior markings were added using decals, Brickmania produced two one-of-a-kind moldings for the ejector seat backs. We may earn a commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products that we endorse.

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Why do you trust us? Measure website performance and ensure correct visitor behavior, including retention of user settings and preferences. © Copyright The Brothers Brick, LLC. All rights reserved. Brothers Brick, the circle logo and letter are trademarks of The Brothers Brick, LLC. Brickmania decals are more forgiving than LEGO stickers and decals, allowing you to correct placement errors without damaging the decals.

That said, it didn’t take longer to apply all the decals to the Phantom than it would have to add all the decals to a 10 Speed ​​Champion car. One drawback of the decal material is that this “sagging” can cause some decals applied to curves (such as the Gatling gun shark face on the underside) to tend to curl if you don’t press the decals hard enough.

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