Black Templars Army Box: Unveiling the Ultimate Warhammer 40,000 Collection

Delve into the world of the Black Templars with the highly anticipated Black Templars Army Box. This comprehensive overview provides an in-depth look at the contents, miniatures, gameplay advantages, and strategies associated with this iconic faction. Get ready to embark on an epic journey through the Warhammer 40,000 universe as you build and paint your own Black Templars army.

Overview of Black Templars Army Box

Black templars army box

The Black Templars Army Box is a comprehensive set that contains everything you need to start building your Black Templars army for Warhammer 40,000. This box is a great choice for both new players looking to start their collection and experienced players looking to expand their forces.

Contents of the Black Templars Army Box

The Black Templars Army Box includes a variety of miniatures and accessories that are essential for building a formidable Black Templars army. Here is a detailed description of the contents:

Black Templars Primaris Lieutenant

This highly detailed miniature represents a powerful leader of the Black Templars, equipped with a range of weapons and armor. The Primaris Lieutenant is a versatile unit that can provide strategic support to your army.

Black Templars Upgrade Frame

This frame contains various accessories and upgrades that allow you to customize your Black Templars miniatures. You can add unique symbols, weapons, and other details to make your army stand out on the battlefield.

Primaris Intercessors

This set includes a squad of Primaris Intercessors, which are the backbone of any Space Marine army. These highly trained soldiers are equipped with a variety of weapons and can be deployed in different roles to suit your tactical needs.

Primaris Assault Intercessors

This set includes a squad of Primaris Assault Intercessors, specialized in close combat. These warriors excel at charging into enemy lines and tearing through their defenses with their powerful melee weapons.

Primaris Outriders

This set includes a unit of Primaris Outriders, fast and mobile bikers that can swiftly move across the battlefield. Their speed and firepower make them excellent for reconnaissance and hit-and-run tactics.

Primaris Invader ATV

This set includes a Primaris Invader ATV, a rugged and versatile vehicle that can transport troops or provide fire support. The Invader ATV is equipped with a range of weapons and can traverse various terrains with ease.

Codex Supplement

This essential book provides all the rules, lore, and background information you need to play with the Black Templars army. It includes detailed profiles for each unit, as well as army-building guidelines and missions.

Theme and Background of the Black Templars Army

The Black Templars are a Space Marine Chapter with a unique theme and background. They are known for their fervent devotion to the Emperor of Mankind and their unwavering adherence to the Imperial Creed. The Black Templars see themselves as crusaders, constantly seeking out and destroying the enemies of humanity.Their

armor and weapons are adorned with religious iconography and symbols, reflecting their zealous and uncompromising nature. They are often seen fighting alongside Imperial Guard regiments and other Space Marine Chapters, forming a formidable force on the battlefield.

Gameplay Advantages and Strategies of the Black Templars Faction

The Black Templars faction offers several gameplay advantages and strategies that make them a popular choice among players. Here are some key points to consider:

Close Combat Specialists

The Black Templars excel in close combat, with their units having access to powerful melee weapons and abilities. They can quickly close the gap with the enemy and inflict devastating damage in close quarters.

Zealotry and Stubborn Resolve

The Black Templars’ unwavering faith and determination make them resistant to psychic attacks and morale tests. This resilience allows them to maintain their fighting spirit even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Crusader Squad Flexibility

The Black Templars’ Crusader Squads can be customized with a wide range of weapon options, allowing you to tailor them to different battlefield roles. This flexibility gives you the ability to adapt to various tactical situations.

Commanding Aura

Black Templars characters have access to powerful command abilities that can enhance the performance of nearby units. These auras can provide bonuses to hit rolls, invulnerable saves, and other important attributes, making your army more effective in battle.Overall, the Black Templars Army Box offers a great starting point for players looking to join the ranks of this zealous and formidable Space Marine Chapter.

With their close combat prowess and unwavering devotion, the Black Templars are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Building and Painting the Black Templars Army

Building and painting the miniatures in the Black Templars Army box can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, here are some tips and techniques to help you assemble and paint your army.

Tips for Assembling the Miniatures

1. Before you start assembling the miniatures, it is a good idea to carefully read the assembly instructions provided in the box. This will ensure that you understand the correct order of assembly and avoid any mistakes.

2. Use a hobby knife or file to remove any mold lines or excess plastic from the miniatures. This will result in cleaner and smoother surfaces for painting.

3. Dry fit the pieces together before applying glue to ensure a perfect fit. This will help you avoid any gaps or misalignments in the final assembly.

4. Consider using plastic cement instead of super glue for assembly. Plastic cement creates a stronger bond between plastic parts and is less likely to damage the miniatures.

5. Take your time and be patient during the assembly process. Rushing can lead to mistakes or damage to the miniatures.

Painting Schemes and Color Choices

When it comes to painting the Black Templars, there are several color schemes and choices you can consider. Here are a few popular options:

  • Classic Black: The Black Templars are known for their black armor. You can achieve this look by basecoating the miniatures with a black primer and then layering with shades of grey for highlights and details.
  • Red Trim: Adding red trim to the black armor can create a striking contrast. You can use a bright red color for the trim and carefully paint it along the edges of the armor plates.
  • White Shoulder Pads: Another option is to paint the shoulder pads in white, which can provide a clean and distinctive look. This can be achieved by basecoating the shoulder pads with white and then adding shading and highlights.

Step-by-Step Painting Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to painting the Black Templars:

  1. Prime the miniatures with black spray primer to create a solid base.
  2. Basecoat the armor with black paint, ensuring smooth and even coverage.
  3. Add highlights to the armor using shades of grey, focusing on the edges and raised areas.
  4. Paint the trim and details, such as the red trim or white shoulder pads, using the chosen colors.
  5. Apply washes or shades to add depth and definition to the armor and other areas.
  6. Paint the weapons, accessories, and other small details with appropriate colors.
  7. Add weathering effects, such as drybrushing or sponge techniques, to create a worn and battle-worn appearance.
  8. Finish with a protective varnish to seal the paint and add durability.

Enhancing the Appearance with Special Techniques

To enhance the appearance of your Black Templars army, you can consider using some special techniques or effects. Here are a few ideas:

  • Osl (Object-Source Lighting): This technique involves painting a glowing effect on certain areas, such as the eyes of the miniatures or the energy weapons, to create a dynamic and eye-catching look.
  • Freehand Designs: Adding freehand designs, such as the Black Templars’ chapter symbol or intricate patterns, can add a personalized touch to your miniatures and showcase your painting skills.
  • Basing: Creating detailed and thematic bases for your miniatures can enhance the overall appearance of your army. Consider using scenic materials like rocks, grass, or rubble to add realism and visual interest.

By following these tips, techniques, and step-by-step instructions, you can create a beautifully painted Black Templars army that showcases your skills and dedication to the hobby.

Tactics and Strategies for the Black Templars Army: Black Templars Army Box

Black templars army box

The Black Templars faction in the game has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that players need to consider when developing their tactics and strategies. Understanding these aspects will help players make the most effective use of their army on the battlefield.When

it comes to strengths, the Black Templars are known for their close combat prowess. They excel in melee combat, with units that are specialized in charging into the enemy lines and wreaking havoc. Their units are often equipped with powerful melee weapons and have abilities that enhance their close combat capabilities.

This makes them a formidable force in close quarter battles, where they can quickly dispatch enemy units.However, the Black Templars do have weaknesses that players should be aware of. One of their main weaknesses is their lack of long-range firepower.

Compared to other Space Marine factions, the Black Templars have limited options when it comes to ranged attacks. This means that they are vulnerable to enemy units that can attack from a distance, especially if they are unable to close the gap quickly.To

effectively utilize the Black Templars army, players need to consider the different units and their roles within the army. The Black Templars have a variety of units that serve different purposes on the battlefield. Some units, like the Assault Marines, are fast and mobile, making them ideal for flanking maneuvers and hit-and-run tactics.

Others, like the Crusader Squads, are more durable and can hold the line against enemy assaults.When compared to other Space Marine factions, the Black Templars have a unique playstyle that focuses heavily on close combat. Unlike other factions that may rely on ranged firepower or specialized units, the Black Templars prioritize getting up close and personal with the enemy.

This aggressive playstyle requires careful positioning and timing, as well as effective use of cover and terrain to protect units during their advance.To effectively utilize the Black Templars army on the battlefield, players should consider the following tips and strategies:

  • Use the Crusader squads as the backbone of your army, providing a durable and versatile core that can hold objectives and engage in close combat.
  • Support your Crusader squads with Assault Marines or other fast-moving units to quickly close the distance with the enemy and disrupt their lines.
  • Consider including characters like the Emperor’s Champion or High Marshal Helbrecht, who provide powerful buffs and abilities to enhance the combat effectiveness of your units.
  • Make use of transports like the Rhino or Land Raider to safely transport your units across the battlefield and provide them with cover.
  • Take advantage of the Black Templars’ ability to re-roll failed charges, allowing you to more reliably engage the enemy in close combat.
  • Coordinate your attacks and focus on isolated enemy units to overwhelm them with your superior close combat abilities.

These strategies will help players make the most of the Black Templars’ strengths in close combat while mitigating their weaknesses in long-range firepower. By utilizing the right units, tactics, and strategies, players can unleash the full potential of the Black Templars army and achieve victory on the battlefield.

Expanding the Black Templars Army

Expanding your Black Templars army not only allows you to add more units and models to your collection, but it also enhances your gameplay options. By introducing new units, you can create a well-rounded and balanced army that can adapt to different battlefield situations.

Additionally, certain units may come with unique or special rules that can provide strategic advantages during battles.

Additional Units and Models

When expanding your Black Templars army, there are several units and models that you can consider adding:

  • Black Templars Sword Brethren: These elite warriors are equipped with power swords and are highly skilled in close combat. They can serve as a formidable melee unit, capable of taking down even the toughest of enemies.
  • Crusader Squads: These squads form the backbone of the Black Templars army. They consist of initiates armed with bolters and can be upgraded with additional close combat weapons. Crusader Squads provide versatility in both shooting and close combat.
  • Black Templars Emperor’s Champion: This iconic character serves as the Black Templars’ champion in battle. The Emperor’s Champion is a skilled duelist and can issue challenges to enemy characters. They inspire nearby units and provide a strong leadership presence.
  • Land Raider Crusader: This armored transport vehicle can carry a large number of Black Templars into battle. It is heavily armed and can provide fire support while delivering troops to the frontlines.

Benefits of Expanding the Army, Black templars army box

Expanding your Black Templars army offers several benefits:

  • Increased Versatility: With a larger army, you have access to a wider range of units and strategies. This allows you to adapt to different opponents and battlefield scenarios.
  • Enhanced Firepower: Additional units and models can provide increased firepower, giving you an advantage during ranged combat engagements.
  • Diverse Tactical Options: By expanding your army, you can experiment with different tactical approaches and playstyles. This keeps the game fresh and exciting.
  • Improved Resilience: A larger army allows you to absorb losses more effectively and maintain a strong presence on the battlefield.

Creating a Well-Rounded and Balanced Army

To create a well-rounded and balanced Black Templars army, consider the following suggestions:

  • Combine Melee and Ranged Units: Incorporate a mix of units that excel in melee combat and those that provide long-range firepower. This ensures you are prepared for different types of engagements.
  • Utilize Specialized Units: Include units with unique abilities or special rules that can provide specific advantages. For example, the Emperor’s Champion can issue challenges and disrupt enemy characters.
  • Consider Support Units: Add support units that can enhance the effectiveness of your main fighting force. This can include units that provide buffs, healing, or additional firepower.
  • Adapt to the Meta: Stay updated with the current meta and consider including units that are effective against popular army compositions. This helps you stay competitive in the game.

Unique or Special Rules

Some units or models added to the Black Templars army may come with unique or special rules:

  • The Emperor’s Champion has the unique ability to issue challenges, forcing enemy characters to engage in single combat.
  • The Land Raider Crusader has the Assault Vehicle rule, allowing units embarked inside to disembark and still charge in the same turn.
  • The Black Templars Sword Brethren have the Zealot special rule, providing them with bonuses to hit rolls in combat.

Lore and Background of the Black Templars

Black templars army box

The Black Templars chapter is a prominent faction within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, known for their zealous devotion to the Emperor of Mankind and their unwavering pursuit of purity and righteousness. Originating from the Imperial Fists Legion, the Black Templars are now a separate chapter of Space Marines, numbering in the thousands.

History and Origins

The Black Templars have a rich and storied history that dates back to the time of the Horus Heresy, a galaxy-wide civil war that threatened the existence of humanity. Originally a part of the Imperial Fists Legion, the Black Templars were known for their exceptional combat prowess and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor.Following

the Horus Heresy, the Imperial Fists were divided into smaller chapters, and the Black Templars emerged as a zealous crusading force, dedicated to cleansing the galaxy of heresy. They embarked on a never-ending crusade, vowing to purge the universe of any threats to the Imperium.

Notable Characters and Events

One of the most renowned figures in the history of the Black Templars is High Marshal Helbrecht, a legendary leader who has guided the chapter for centuries. Helbrecht is known for his indomitable will and tactical brilliance, leading the Black Templars to numerous victories against the enemies of the Imperium.Another

significant event in the history of the Black Templars is the Battle of Helsreach, where they defended the Hive City of Helsreach against a massive Ork invasion. This battle showcased the unwavering determination and resilience of the Black Templars, as they fought to the last man to protect the city.

Beliefs and Customs

The Black Templars hold a deep reverence for the Emperor of Mankind, whom they see as a divine figure. They believe in the purity of the Imperial Creed and view themselves as the Emperor’s chosen warriors, tasked with defending humanity from the forces of chaos and heresy.The

chapter’s customs and rituals reflect their unwavering devotion. They engage in rigorous training and self-flagellation to prove their commitment to the Emperor. The Black Templars also adhere to a strict code of honor and discipline, valuing traits such as loyalty, courage, and self-sacrifice.

Relationship with Other Factions

The Black Templars maintain a complex relationship with other factions in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. While they share a common purpose with other Space Marine chapters in defending humanity, their zealous nature and fervent belief in their cause sometimes lead to tensions.The

Black Templars have been known to clash with the Inquisition due to their independent nature and refusal to submit to the Inquisition’s authority. They also have a strained relationship with the Space Wolves chapter, stemming from their differing approaches to combat and their conflicting views on the use of psychic abilities.However,

the Black Templars have forged alliances with certain factions, such as the Adeptus Mechanicus, with whom they share a mutual respect for technology and its application in warfare. They have also fought alongside the Imperial Guard and other Imperial forces in various campaigns, displaying their willingness to cooperate when the Imperium’s survival is at stake.[insert

relevant image description]

Ending Remarks

In conclusion, the Black Templars Army Box offers a thrilling and immersive experience for both new and veteran Warhammer 40,000 enthusiasts. With its diverse range of miniatures, customizable painting schemes, and powerful gameplay strategies, this army box is a must-have for any collector or player.

Unleash the might of the Black Templars and dominate the battlefield like never before.

Question Bank

What are the unique miniatures included in the Black Templars Army Box?

The Black Templars Army Box features exclusive miniatures such as the Emperor’s Champion, Crusader Squad, and Marshal. These highly detailed models showcase the iconic design and fervor of the Black Templars faction.

Can I customize the painting schemes for my Black Templars army?

Absolutely! The Black Templars Army Box provides various painting schemes and color choices for you to personalize your army. Whether you prefer the traditional black and white scheme or want to explore different color combinations, the choice is yours.

Are there any special rules or effects that enhance the appearance of the Black Templars army?

Yes, the Black Templars have unique rules and effects that can enhance their appearance on the tabletop. For example, the Rites of Battle ability allows nearby units to reroll failed hit rolls, representing the fervent zeal and disciplined nature of the Black Templars in combat.